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REALHOUND is the BEST Commercial Real Estate Software for Contact Management. Whether you are a broker, a lender, an owner or a manager, REALHOUND will dramatically improve your business! Bottom line, REALHOUND will make you money and save you an immense amount of time.


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Andrew Blount, Founder of REALHOUNDAndrew Blount, Founder of REALHOUND

REALHOUND is the BEST Commercial Real Estate Software
for Contact Management. Whether you are a broker, a lender, an owner or a manager, REALHOUND will dramatically improve your business! Bottom line, REALHOUND will make you money and save you an immense amount of time.


Back in 1996, I created Apartment Professional. It was a state-of-the-art application for professionals who needed to track and analyze apartment data. In 2000, I added functionality for commercial properties too, including Office, Industrial, Retail, Hotels and Land. I also renamed the product to REALHOUND. “Real” for Real Estate and “Hound” for a friendly, faithful helper. In 2006, I rebuilt the entire commercial real estate program from the ground up to incorporate contact management into its impressive set of features for handling property data. I’ve been leading the industry on functionality ever since!

REALHOUND is my baby. Over the years, I’ve created some other fantastic software, yet REALHOUND has always been the apple of my eye. Its ability to make people successful is unsurpassed. I designed every feature in REALHOUND based on suggestions from users. And not just any users, but the very best, most successful commercial real estate professionals on the planet! It is designed to make you more successful.

I’ve written every line of code for REALHOUND myself, over 500,000 of them.  I have talented people who augment my work and help with hardware, servers and things like that. Today, in addition to managing REALHOUND, I am the Mayor of the City of Laguna Hills, I do expert witness work and some other consulting and software development for some of the largest, most influential companies in the world.  Over the last 15 years I have spent a good portion of every day improving REALHOUND and will continue to do so into the future.  Plus, if you live anywhere in Southern California there’s a good chance that you’ve been to my house and seen our amazing Christmas Lights Show.

REALHOUND is for successful, high-earners who lead the Commercial Real Estate Industry.

REALHOUND organizes your important information better than any other application. With REALHOUND, there is a single box for you to search all of your contacts. If you search for “William,” it will also find anyone named “Bill” in your database. It even tracks historical apartment rents, office and industrial leases, buyer’s needs, documents and marketing activity. Everything you do as a commercial real estate professional can be enhanced with REALHOUND! REALHOUND will give you more time to devote to things like making calls and meeting with clients.

The design of the contact and property screens are of special importance. They give you all of the most pertinent information you use over and over again throughout your day, right in one place. These screens make it easy for you to see all of the properties that a person is related to and all of the other people that you know in their company, plus your notes, right on one screen. In most other programs you have to go from screen to screen or tab to tab trying to put together information for a call… not with REALHOUND!

In REALHOUND you only enter data once. If you have a note you want linked to multiple contacts and multiple properties, you only enter it once. If you have a contact that owns ten properties and manages three more, you only enter them once.

Real Estate CRM SoftwareReal Estate CRM Software

A number of companies will tell you that they have CRM solutions for Commercial Real Estate, when in fact, all they have is a costume that they put on SalesForce.  SalesForce is not designed for commercial real estate.  In order to add the depth that you need, SalesForce has to be dramatically changed and turned into a difficult to use, slow, clunky program that will never have the functionality and speed of a program developed solely for Commercial Real Estate.  When I add a new feature to REALHOUND, I don’t have to worry about whether it will work for the Plumbers’ Association or a Used Car Salesman.  I add features and optimize REALHOUND to work for you!  Our entire user base has always been, and always will be, commercial real estate brokers, owners, managers, appraisers and vendors.  We’re not just a costume put on some generic contact management website.  I’ve never heard of someone working in a Nail Salon using REALHOUND.

Some other competitors tout the need of being entirely “web-based”. REALHOUND has a web-based solution plus iPhone, iPad and Android apps too.  Moreover, REALHOUND Classic can be used both online and offline offering incredible integration with important programs like Word, Excel and Outlook all the while being blazingly fast!  Have you gotten the idea that I like things that are fast?

 REALHOUND is an easy-to-use, ultra powerful speed machine for contacts and properties! 

REALHOUND has been optimized to deliver the results that you search for the most, the fastest. Whether you have one user or hundreds of users, REALHOUND moves with blazing speed from contact to property to contact. Things like automatically saving data as you enter it, instead of having to press some “Save” button that looks like it’s from 1986, add up to many hours of saved productivity every week. With REALHOUND, you simply do your job faster.

REALHOUND automates many important tasks that would normally take you a lifetime. From tracking Buyers Needs to automatically generating Marketing Campaign Reports, REALHOUND makes you look better to your clients and helps you bring in more revenue.

Commercial Real Estate DataCommercial Real Estate Data

But wait, there’s more! I am constantly improving REALHOUND. Many things around us change, like Mapping solutions, and REALHOUND has to be updated to work with the newest and greatest add-ins. And even with its gigantic set of features, our clients come up with more ways for us to help them use their data. So, there are often new features that provide improved functionality.

With REALHOUND, you can import data from lots of popular formats which makes getting started really easy. Of course, you own your own data. And it’s easy to share with people on your team, regardless of whether they are always connected to the Internet or not. There are lots of back-end bells and whistles for doing things, like automatically finding and merging duplicates in your database (have you gotten the idea that I hate duplicate data?!).

Do you make phone calls? You better if you want to be successful in commercial real estate. REALHOUND turns you into a calling machine! No longer do you have to hand track your list of calls, or fill out call reports, or remember if someone has been called recently. REALHOUND does all of this for you so you can concentrate on your calls! REALHOUND’s calling features are unsurpassed and not available in any other CRM software. I guess my competitors just don’t care about the same thing that I do… delivering software that makes my clients more money!

REALHOUND is designed exclusively for Commercial Real Estate Professionals.  It brings together your contacts, properties and notes in a way no other application does.

In addition to tracking your contacts, properties and notes, REALHOUND provides industry leading financial analysis tools too. With REALHOUND you can instantly determine the value of a property using everything from a CAP Rate to a Leveraged IRR. You see a sensitivity analysis based on varying prices and can escalate things like property taxes into the future. For the commercial guys, you can run a Lease vs. Buy analysis and Stacking Charts. All of this is built right into REALHOUND utilizing your own data.

So what are you waiting for? Every minute you spend without REALHOUND is a minute of lost productivity. There is a solution to all of your data problems and it’s called… REALHOUND! REALHOUND is cheap too, less than a cup of coffee each day, yet the energy that REALHOUND gives you far exceeds the caffeine in a double espresso. I bet that some of my users have even taught REALHOUND to make coffee for them!

No other application comes within a hundred miles of touching REALHOUND’s amazing functionality, ease-of-use and SPEED!

There are only a few things you need to know to get a semi-truck load of productivity out of REALHOUND. If you can use Google’s search box, you can use REALHOUND. It’s also important to know how to double-click, because your data is automatically linked together and double-clicking activates those links.

I believe that supporting our clients is even more important than selling new licenses. So much, in fact, that REALHOUND’s sales and support phone numbers are the very same extension. My sales people are not the high pressure, burn and churn robots that typically sell software. Instead, they are the very same, wonderful, warm human beings that walk you through how to use REALHOUND and answer any questions that may come up. When you call for support, we answer as much as we can via the telephone then log right into your computer (only with your permission) to fix the problem for you! Now that’s what I call service!

realhound-teamYour Helpful REALHOUND Team

In addition to me, behind the scenes making sure that you have the most advanced, most comprehensive Commercial Real Estate CRM solution in the world, I also have a terrific team supporting the product including sister-in-law Sharon has been providing customer service to REALHOUND users for the last nine years.

REALHOUND isn’t for everybody. If you are fine only knowing peoples’ phone numbers and don’t care about tracking any other information, then just use Outlook or your phone. Don’t purchase REALHOUND.

So I’m sure you’re wondering what this income increasing tool is going to cost you. Just how much does this much power set you back? Well, when REALHOUND first came out, the price was $1,495 per user and I had many takers at that price. I had lots of really happy users who belonged to an elite club of ultra-successful commercial real estate professionals. Over the years I have wanted to make it available to everyone in the industry, so I dropped the price an astounding 56%! First, I changed it to $995 which more than doubled my user base, and now it’s an incredibly cheap $695. If that’s still unmanageable for you, you can purchase a monthly license instead for only $79.95 per month.  A large percentage of REALHOUND users make millions of dollars every year. They will tell you that REALHOUND was integral in getting them, and keeping them there. Ironically, they really don’t want you to use REALHOUND because you may be competing with them. An entire year of REALHOUND is about half the monthly cost of leasing your new sports car. Most importantly, I never nickel-and-dime you! All of our stellar support is included with your license. Our training sessions are included too. There is no per call cost like there is with most CRM applications. If you need help, we give it to you!

REALHOUND is designed for high earners, the top commercial real estate professionals. It’s designed for people who need a very fast way of keeping track of all the nuances of their business and being able to use that information to make more money. If you’re not interested in actually working then get something else or just use Excel. Making money in commercial real estate isn’t easy. You have to be smart, disciplined and have the right tools. REALHOUND is for the top producers, the people who either are or want to be making seven plus figures a years. REALHOUND is for people who lead successful lives. If you’re just playing around, then REALHOUND isn’t for you.

So, for you winners out there, now is the time for you to transform your commercial real estate career and bring your income to the next level. Every minute you wait is more lost opportunity. Whether you are the top dog or new to the junk yard, REALHOUND is here to help. Sign up for your license right now and I’ll welcome you to my REALHOUND family!

Yours Truly,

Andrew Blount

Andrew J. Blount REALHOUND, President & CEO


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