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Commercial Real Estate Software - Realhound®

Commercial Real Estate CRM App for apartments, office, retail, industrial, hotels and single-family professionals. Realhound® serves Property Owners, Asset Managers, Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Companies who need to not only track contacts, but also track properties and the relationships of contacts to properties.


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Commercial Real Estate Software - Realhound®

Realhound® Commercial Real Estate Software App tracks your Contacts, Properties and Notes.  Whether you are a real estate broker or own a chain of fast food restaurants, Realhound allows you to track your contacts and properties and share your CRM database with your team.


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Contacts & Properties

Contacts & Properties together in an easy-to-use, native mobile app.

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Only $20 Per Month!

Realhound Real Estate CRM App (including web version), is only $20 per month, per user. 

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Designed for Your Team!

Share contacts, properties and notes with your team!


Whether you are at home or on the go, Realhound® is the mobile and online Real Estate Software CRM solution you have been waiting for!

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Keep your teammates updated and connected. Everyone “In the Know, Now!”

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Real Talk

Blog about properties, request bids, post For Sale or For Lease listings and see other properties.

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Keep your notes organized

Attach notes to a contact, contact and property or a contact to contact.

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Property Fill Me Out

Fill Me In feature will instantly insert the property address of your current location for any new property you add.

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Team Communication

Create unique teams, collaborate with each team, and provide real time data and feedback.

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Link properties and people

Your contact relationships linked to your properties together in the palm of your hand.

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Ease of use

If you can use your phone, you can use Realhound®.

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Fill Me Out ~ Advanced

Fill Me In will search Google, Zillow, Realhound and other sources for data pertaining to the address of your property and automatically fill it in.

Talk to a Real Live Person! (949) 309-2810

REALHOUND® Real Estate Software App is the best CRM app for Property Owners, Managers, Brokers or Corporations to manage all your contacts, properties and notes, all in one place… all for the amazing price of $20 per month.  No other CRM offers this amount of functionality specific to real estate for this price!

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Free Onboarding & Tech Support

A real person will assist with your data migration to help you get up and running quickly. You will also receive a brief overview of the product.

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Unlimited Online Training

All clients get unlimited support for onboarding and training that you need. We offer three live training sessions a week.

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Unlimited Storage

Realhound Real Estate CRM offers you unlimited storage of your data and photos of people and properties.


Realhound® mobile serves Owners, Asset Managers, Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Corporations who need to not only track contacts, but also track the properties and the relationships of the contacts to each of those properties.

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Track and share

Track and share your portfolio or inventory of properties including information like location, sales price, mortgage and lease details.

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Link properties to people

Track owners, investors, landscapers, plumbers, managers, maintenance people, etc. Know everyone associated with a location.

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Web Version is available

Do your prefer managing your properties & contacts from your desktop? No problem, we have a web version too.

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Exclusive Support & Training

At Realhound®, customer service, technical support and training are free. That’s right.. free! Phone calls, emails, texts, Skype, you name it, it is free.

Why wait? download The REALHOUND® REAL ESTATE CRM app today!

Realhound®, bringing your world together! Laptop, Desktop, iPad or iPhone. Whether you are at home or on the go Realhound® is the Real Estate CRM solution you have been waiting for!

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  • Instant syncing between devices
  • Email contacts or properties from within the app
  • Update Contact information or Property information
  • Add new properties on the fly
  • Track relationships between Property and Contacts
  • Track relationships between Contacts
  • Emails and Text create notes attached to each property or contact.
  • Add and View multiple photos per property including floor plans.
  • Import contacts from your phone, LinkedIn or Excel
  • Import properties from Excel
  • Advanced Search features for locating properties
  • Create tags for properties or contacts to improve search capabilities
  • Create call list for prospecting or just keeping in touch

Realhound® Classic for Successful, High Earning Commercial Real Estate Brokers

REALHOUND®  Classic Real Estate Software organizes your important information better than any other application. With REALHOUND®, there is a single box for you to search all of your contacts. If you search for “William,” it will also find anyone named “Bill” in your database too. It even tracks historical apartment rents, office and industrial leases, buyer’s needs, documents and marketing activity.

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Tracks historical apartment rents, office and industrial leases, buyer’s needs, documents and marketing activity.

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The design of the contact and property screens are of special importance. They give you all of the most pertinent information you use over and over again throughout your day, right in one place.

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REALHOUND® will give you more time to devote to things like making calls and meeting with clients.

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With REALHOUND®, there is a single box for you to search all of your contacts. If you search for “William,” it will also find anyone named “Bill” in your database.

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In REALHOUND® you only enter data once. If you have a note you want linked to multiple contacts and multiple properties, you only enter it once.

REALHOUND® Classic CRM Core Features

Realhound® Classic has been service Commercial Real Estate Brokers for over 20 years.  It is the world’s most powerful CRM software.  From tacking properties and contacts, to running proforma valuations to executing marketing campaigns, Realhound® Classic has it all!

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Cold Calling feature

Dialing for dollars? Realhound® makes prospecting easy and fun!

Financial Analysis Tools

Investment & leasing tools including Lease vs. Buy analysis, Underwriting analysis, sales & lease analysis, etc.

Buyer or Tenant Matching

Stores specific client property or space criteria, matches it with the available properties/spaces in your database. Make your data work FOR YOU!.

Client Ready Reports

Generate advanced reports for clients with a few clicks.

Mapping capabilities

Powerful mapping tools allow you to pinpoint a single property or multiple properties on a map with the click of a button.


Document Management

Upload all documents associated with the property and let Realhound® be your central document repository.

Access via the Internet

Manage your properties & contacts online using our web version.


Dynamic Searching

Every field is searchable and can be combined to create your own custom search criteria and saved as a search template.

Marketing Campaign Reports

Win new business by showing how you can track and manage all marketing activity associated with your listings.


REALHOUND® Classic has been optimized to deliver the results that you search for the most, the fastest. Whether you have one user or hundreds of users, REALHOUND® Classic moves with blazing speed from contact to property to contact. Things like automatically saving data as you enter it, instead of having to press some “Save” button that looks like it’s from 1986, add up to many hours of saved productivity every week. With REALHOUND® Classic, you simply do your job faster.

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REALHOUND® automates many important tasks that would normally take you a lifetime. From tracking Buyers Needs to automatically generating Marketing Campaign Reports, REALHOUND® makes you look better to your clients and helps you bring in more revenue.

But wait, there’s more! I am constantly improving REALHOUND®. Many things around us change, like Mapping solutions, and REALHOUND® has to be updated to work with the newest and greatest add-ins. And even with its gigantic set of features, our clients come up with more ways for us to help them use their data. So, there are often new features that provide improved functionality.

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With REALHOUND®, you can import data from lots of popular formats which makes getting started really easy. Of course, you own your own data. And it’s easy to share with people on your team, regardless of whether they are always connected to the Internet or not. There are lots of back-end bells and whistles for doing things, like automatically finding and merging duplicates in your database (have you gotten the idea that I hate duplicate data?!).

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cold-calling-reports1 Commercial Real Estate Software

Do you make phone calls? You better if you want to be successful in commercial real estate. REALHOUND® turns you into a calling machine! No longer do you have to hand track your list of calls, or fill out call reports, or remember if someone has been called recently. REALHOUND® does all of this for you so you can concentrate on your calls! REALHOUND®’s calling features are unsurpassed and not available in any other CRM software. I guess my competitors just don’t care about the same thing that I do… delivering software that makes my clients more money!

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In addition to tracking your contacts, properties and notes, REALHOUND® provides industry leading financial analysis tools too. With REALHOUND® you can instantly determine the value of a property using everything from a CAP Rate to a Leveraged IRR. You see a sensitivity analysis based on varying prices and can escalate things like property taxes into the future. For the commercial guys, you can run a Lease vs. Buy analysis and Stacking Charts. All of this is built right into REALHOUND® utilizing your own data.

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So what are you waiting for? Every minute you spend without REALHOUND® is a minute of lost productivity. There is a solution to all of your data problems and it’s called… REALHOUND®! REALHOUND® is cheap too, less than a cup of coffee each day, yet the energy that REALHOUND® gives you far exceeds the caffeine in a double espresso. I bet that some of my users have even taught REALHOUND® to make coffee for them!

What Are You Waiting For? Start your free trial today!

With more innovations than any other Commercial Real Estate CRM system, REALHOUND® is the ideal way to run any Commercial Real Estate business. Don’t follow the market… make the market follow you.

REALHOUND® Subscriptions include
  • Priority Tech Support
  • Unlimited Online Training
  • Unlimited ShareAnywhere Usage


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Realhound® Cold Calling

Dialing for dollars? Realhound® makes prospecting easy and fun! Make more money in commercial real brokerage by improving your cold calling.

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Download the best book for Making More Money in Commercial Real Estate.

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