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Make More Money – REALHOUND, Inc.
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Why Read This Book?
This book is designed to help you make MORE money with less effort in
commercial real estate. Using advanced technology, support staff and
prospecting techniques, you will gain a force multiplier effect in your
business that will propel you to the next level. In other words, it will be
easier to make $600,000 in fees than it was to make the first $400,000. This
book will help you transform your real estate business into a money-making
Every success and failure that you have experienced thus far in your real
estate career (and life in general) can be directly attributed to the daily
choices that you have made along the way. For, ultimately, it is you who
decides what to do. It is the compilation of countless choices that have
brought you to your current point in your career today. Now, you have
another choice to make. Do you invest your valuable time into reading a
book about commercial real estate? Do not discount the knowledge that is
contained within this book just because it was free. On the contrary, reading
this book is going to cost you the most prized possession that you have
your time. There is only so much time in the day and by judiciously managing
this scarce resource, you can positively impact both your finances and your
happiness. This is just one lesson that is covered in these chapters.
This book was written to help anyone endeavoring in commercial real estate
brokerage make more money in any market condition and should be
considered a best practices guide to commercial real estate. Whatever your
specialty is in commercial real estate, you will benefit from the information
contained within. You will learn new techniques (and reacquaint yourself
with some old techniques) that you can use immediately to grow your
business. In fact, we would even challenge you to set a goal of doubling
your personal income over the next 12 months.
Whether you are an office manager or a seasoned commercial sales veteran
who has decided to pass along your trade to the next generation, please make
this book required reading for your junior agents. There are wonderful
prospecting tools and explanations on how to become a productive agent
inside. This book marries new software technology to proven business
development techniques which will help both new and seasoned agents alike
grow their businesses in an increasingly competitive and challenging
It is an unfortunate truth that, as you become more successful in this
business, some naysayers will be critical and attribute your success to pure
luck. They will ignore your long hours of hard work, personal sacrifices and
the disciplined approach that you took to become a success in commercial
real estate. Pay little attention to your critics because they are the ones who
will stagnate in the business.
We are very passionate about helping commercial real estate professionals
make money. In fact, we are determined to change the entire commercial real
estate industry for the better. We believe that technology should make the